Bamboo Chicken

Salt’s Take:

As one drives through the dense forests that lie amidst the mountains in north-western Andhra Pradesh, they’d definitely be drawn towards a small village along the road, where men and women make a living of something that they call “Bamboo Chicken”. Being the foodie that I am, I was immediately interested and wanted to know what this exotic delicacy was. As the car came to a halt next to a quaint hut, a delicious aroma of fried ‘bamboo chicken’ enveloped the air. I’d ordered the Bamboo Chicken kebab which was priced at 30 INR and listened to the woman explain about the dish.

The method of preparation fascinated me. After cutting the chicken into pieces, they’re marinated with spices and then these pieces are gently stuffed into bamboo stems. These stems are then placed on a coal fire and are allowed to burn for a while. The entire cooking is down without using oil. Once they’d been cooked, they were served to us in clean plates with a dash of onions and lemons. The pieces looked tender and I hesitantly took a bite and after that I couldn’t stop gorging on them. For 30 rupees there were at least 12 pieces, and they definitely were worth every penny.

Tandoori lovers would definitely love this and people who love chicken ought to try this whenever they get the chance. Do checkout all the pictures in the slide show below. I do not know the exact location of this place, but god bless my phone, for it geo-tagged the photos that I’d taken.

Pepper’s Take:

Well I haven’t tried that yet but the way Salt kept raving about the place and the innovative style of cooking the chicken I can sense my palate eager to try it out!

Location: http://goo.gl/maps/eFAYJ

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