Truffles (Ice N Spice)

Ice N Spice is a cafe that both of us have visited many times and is certainly a place that should be on top of your must visit places  if you’re new to the city and love good food. They’ve outlets in the north, the south and in central Bangalore. We tell you why we think that you’ve got to try this place! Read on.

Peppers take:

Firstly I like the name; it’s well thought of and stands by its word. Ice and spice truly lets you relish various gourmet delights in a cool suburban layout! The décor of the place is very casual and has customer satisfaction literally spelt out on the walls hidden in the cartoon graffiti painted there. The seating is unique in its style and comfort. Coming to the food; the steaks here are beautifully rare served with stir-fried-to perfection vegetables and mashed potatoes. The pastas here need a special mention as they are what make this place irresistible! Seafood fans do not forget to try out the grilled fish in lemon butter sauce! An all time favorite of mine combining salty sour pungency into one delicious dish. If pastas ain’t your style then a definite must have is the popular chicken steak burger with either barbeque sauce or teriyaki sauce. You can wash down your meal with one of the many yummy thick shakes, smoothies and other beverages that this place has to offer. Desserts here are from some patisserie heaven! You’re stuffed to the brim with the main course and yet when you look at the desserts your mind immediately makes place for a sliver of any one on the menu! The tarts here- fresh, butter pastry crunch and the sweetened core of sinful chocolate or tangy-citrus lemon spells bliss all over the eater’s face. The cheesecakes too make this place famous for the best of its kind. All-in-all, Ice and Spice makes you enjoy a complete three course meal without even so as making a tiny tear in your pocket! One of the first places that a new comer to Bangalore must try!

Salts take: 

Good things come in small packages they say, and it’s amazing as to how Bangalore plays host to a plethora of small, unpretentious and yet amazing places for foodies. Nestled in the central business district and on the chaotic St Mark’s road is Ice N Spice. A name that immediately spurs the imagination of many Bangaloreans toward the sumptuous burgers and the vast offering of desserts, that one can feast on here. The place can serve around 40 people at one go and often people have to wait quite a while, none would actually mind. It’s amazing how courteous the staff is and is large group friendly. You can either sit in the booths inside with graffiti on the walls (Very interesting to look at actually!) or go for the street side seating; I prefer to sit on the outside, especially when Bangalore is at her best. A great place for a date I’d say! *wink*

Once you’re in you’d be greeted with a wooden menu card that should make your mouth water. The burgers here are worth dying for! Whether you have the all American cheese burger, the Tandoori chicken or the crispy chicken burgers, they’ll leave you wanting more (especially when you throw in a generous amount of Mayo that’s kept on your table). Also, the vegetarian burgers are as palatable as the non-vegetarian ones! Your Ice N Spice experience would be incomplete without trying their pastas. The Italian Pasta Alfredo and the Pasta Arabiatta are the two dishes I’ve tried time and again and they’ve never failed me. The piping hot chicken steaks, be it the tandoori steak or the classic steak with the Teriyaki or Barbeque sauce are ‘must-try’s’ for steak lovers! There are many more dishes that I’m yet to try here and I’m certain that they’re as thrilling as the others. The desserts here are star attractions for many people. The wide range of delicious cakes, the truffles and the pies are lip-smacking and the chocolate tarts never fail to give me that Christmas in the mouth feeling.

The best is what I’ve saved for the last, the price factor. Food here is reasonably priced and is the main reason why the college junta throngs here. Ice N Spice is a place that many Bangaloreans swear by and is definitely one of the reasons why I’d never leave the city!

Do let us know if we’ve missed on something here by commenting below and if we were successful in coaxing you to visit the place, let us know too!

All the details you’d need are on Burrp and Zomato. Bon Appetit!

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4 thoughts on “Truffles (Ice N Spice)

  1. Firstly completely agree to both Mr Salt and Ms Pepper…on the ambiance, pricing factor, the hosts and the mayonnaise on the table. Dessert…umm I can still relive the smell of molten chocolate over the soft brownies; Pasta…not a big fan, but still liked the taste of it; Grilled Fish in lemon sauce with mashed potatoes…its a must have here; Stakes…well I’ve had better ones around Bangalore; And how could I forget those amazing burgers…
    In short it was one of my best gastronomical experience in Bangalore

    Nice blog folks…btw. kiu.

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