Veekes and Thomas

What makes brilliant memories are the 3 Fs: food, friends and fun! Add on an ingredient of “getting lost” and you know you’ve got yourself one helluva memory! We’d decided to check out this eatery, on recommendation of a friend, and ended up going to two different outlets of the same eating joint! The rains had delayed us making us ravenously hungry already but the travel was another story altogether. However when we all finally did meet up we knew the place was worth it all! This was one little accidentally on purpose discovery that everybody loved.

 Pepper’s Take:

If you are in a mood for a fancy, yet easy-on-your pocket restaurant to experience a near-real feel of Italian food then “Veekes and Thomas” it is! The ambience is nice and gives the feel of an up-scale ristorante. The menu is so welcoming to its hungry food fans with its options and caters to the customers’ expectations. From what I had, the picatta invites one to satisfy all of a gastronomique’s senses, appetizing not just the taste buds but gaining full marks in visual appeal, olfaction and sensation. The piping-hot risotto however, could do with a helping of presentation but is literally a tiny bomb in the mouth, which allows one’s palate to unravel the hidden subtle flavours packed in one spoonful. The lasagna was o-la-la, but takes a back seat when compared to the rest. The portions are quite sumptuous and keeps one enjoying one’s meal with every bite, but it just isn’t enough! A meal is incomplete without the desserts, and what can I tell of the caramel custard that simply blows you away. By far the best in the city, with the perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture and spot-on caramel! The sudden hit of burnt sugar with the custard lingers as an aftertaste and keeps you coming back for more. Situated quite comfortably in various booming fun-spots of the city, you’re sure to find one in your locale. If you decide to go soon, an absolute must-have is the caramel custard that simply finishes a meal for a start to a perfect weekend!!

Salt’s Take:

I stretched my hands awaiting my friends to join us at the Veekes and Thomas outlet in JP Nagar and “Stairway to Heaven” was playing lightly, a picture-perfect afternoon of food, music and fun lay in front of me. My friend poured some water into my glass from the pudina leaf laden pitcher adding an exotic flavor to the water, as I drank it little did I know that I had to leave this place to head to the Bannerghata road outlet owing to the “getting lost” ingredient of the story! I really didn’t feel like leaving this outlet as it was small, nice and cozy for spending time with friends. The Bannerghata road outlet was more flamboyant and seemed more upscale. We didn’t have to wait for long for our food to be served and soon enough we dug in! The Chicken Lasagna, the Pepper & Garlic Risotto, the Chicken Piccata and the Caramel Custard disappeared in to five hungry mouths. Each one was delectable and left us wanting more.  The Lasagna was good but do not expect too much. The Risotto was one of the best I had in town but only the Pepper and Garlic one was good, we even tried the Lemon Butter and Dill Risotto but it tasted bland and we weren’t impressed. The Chicken Piccata is a must try at this place and will not disappoint you! The Caramel Custard was good, but being the chocolate lover that I am, I liked the chocolate mousse better!

To recapitulate, Veekes and Thomas is a must try place and it may not be authentic Italian food but the Indian-ness in each dish is welcome. The Koramangala outlet is actually a house converted to a restaurant and I must say, the ambiance makes it a superb hangout spot for people who like small and nice places to hang out with good food. Also, the importance they give to the finer details makes this one of my favorite places in town! [Psst! This place is a perfect date spot and is easy on the wallet too!]

Here are some of the pictures that we’d shot! They come from a mobile phone camera and also the pictures were shot under extreme hunger conditions so the food may not look complete at times *wink*. Bon Appétit and don’t forget to tell us how your experience was!

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