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The Edge

It was a Sunday evening and we were hanging out in Koramangala when suddenly a friend announced that she wants nothing but a DBC to end the outing. A Corner House was in the vicinity, also another promising Ice cream parlor (according to Pepper) was around the corner. We decided to take the plunge and headed to “The Edge” which at first glance looks almost exactly like Corner House and is tucked away into a quiet residential lane. This is what we’ve to say!

Salt’s Take:

Some of us swear by Corner House and frown at people who like other places like Polar Bear etc… . Well, I’m one of those skeptics and I always turn to CH. But, like most guys on a Sunday evening towards the end of the month, I was almost broke! So yes, I listened to my friend ‘Pepper’, who had convinced the entire gang. I was greeted with the Corner House ambiance except in an Orange hue. The menu looked exquisite and we quickly ordered our ice creams and sat down to enjoy the half open setting. We’d ordered the renowned DBC, A Pineapple delight and something called “Choco Charlie”. The ice creams were good and enjoyable and the DBC looked luscious and was decent ( I say that it’s only decent because I love Corner House far too much). The Choco Charlie, oozed chocolate and felt heavenly and is my favorite at The Edge. As I gorged on it I was instantly impressed by its moist, velvety taste.

I haven’t frequented this place as much as pepper has so her review ought to be more convincing. However, the place is definitely worth a visit and it’s pricing to quality equation will put a smile on a foodie’s face. People say they’ve copied Corner House, I say that they’ve copied it well.

Pepper’s Take:

Who says ice-cream is only for the summers?! Desserts especially with the elements of cream, sugar and chocolate/fruit calls in for “The Edge”. Hidden in the meandering tiny roads in the vicinity of Jyothi Nivas College, this tiny ice cream parlor beholds the youth with its exotic variety of sundaes and desserts. Be it fruits or chocolate sauce, this spot offers some of the best combinations with humble ice-cream. Think innovative and creative ways to present simple ice-cream with dollops of cream and a wide range of sauces and it is delivered here. The prices are quite reasonable and definitely fits in your budget. The backdrop of old Bangalore does not impress just  historians but also the gen-Y. Don’t forget to try the fresh, upto perfection waffle cones. It is absolutely delicious! Chocolate can exist in so many forms surprises one. The chocolate pastries are moist and impeccably soft which just melts in your mouth. The mousse is parfait! Death-by chocolate screams CHOCOLATE! If you aren’t a big fan of chocolate, then you have coffee, butter scotch, pineapple sauces to complement your taste buds. I’ve been quite a regular to this place and it continues to amaze me every time I visit! The menu exceeds all its bounds every year experimenting with new and exotic flavors. Point to note, the specials always include tropical fruits of the season. Choco Charlie, fresh strawberry drink, Spanish-delight, cake fudge, and the pineapple supreme are a few that deserve a special mention. Although the place does seem like a copy of the renowned “Corner house”, it does exude its own identity standing out as something different! I must say that the students of the nearby colleges are blissfully gifted with a number of hangout spots, with The Edge as the icing/cherry on the cake.

Look at these pictures, get set and Go experience the Edge!

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